Daily Dose Co.


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milk tea protein

Nourish your tastebuds and body

Australian Made

We're proudly formulating, taste testing and creating all our products here in Australia.

No artificial flavours or sweeteners

Nothing but the real deal evidence based ingredients go into our products.

Asian inspired flavours

We've blended the familiar taste of some of our favourite asian flavours into good-for-you treats.

Daily Dose Co.

Daily Dose Co.

We believe in the simple refined moments of our daily rituals.

It’s a relaxing pause to the day. It is a way to extend an arm of hospitality to a friend. And it’s about living in the moment and treating ourselves to self-care.


"This hits the spot perfectly in the arvos when you get a bit snacky. I love it because it wakes you up, satiates your hunger and tastes delicious!"

"An amazing concoction that satisfies my cravings and is nourishing! Very easy to drink. Very hard to find a shake that does both."

"How delicious this is! Honestly, as a lactose intolerant person who is very picky with the flavours of her protein, I can't get over how delicious this entire range is"


What are the benefits of protein supplements?

There are many science-based reasons to eat more protein including:

1.Speeding recovery after exercise and/or injury:
2. Reducing muscle loss
3. Building lean muscle
4. Helping maintain a healthy weight
5. Helping you stay fuller for longer

Can I use Daily Dose powders to replace meals?

Our powders can help you stay fuller for longer and you can certainly add it together with your favourite smoothie ingredients to make it more nutritionally complete.

Can lactose intolerant people drink Daily Dose powders?

Lactose intolerant? We feel you.

That's why we've added a blend of digestive enzymes to do the heavy lifting for you. This makes sure all our products go down super easy all the way down.

Life is too short to not be able to eat and drink what you’d like

With nutrition, health and wellness underpinning our delicious formulations, our mission is to deliver a great product and feeling with a light conscience - so that treating yourself no longer has to be a rare occurrence, but can become part of a daily self-care ritual