About Us

Fusing flavour, self-care and delight.

At Daily Dose Co., we understand that it’s life’s little rituals that get us through the day. Your morning yoga class, a weekend brunch with friends, or treating yourself to life’s guilty pleasures.

But what if those pleasures didn’t have to be ‘guilty’?

In a world where wellness has become more prominent and complicated than ever, we decided to change things up by creating simple, delicious recipes that aren’t just good for the soul - they’re good for the body, too.

Backed by pharmacist approved formulas and a 5-star health rating, each and every single one of our products are designed to nourish you and better your day to day. No complicated jargon. No fancy diet. Just a simple product packed full of nutrients that will make your next indulgence, a healthy one.

This is your Daily Dose Co.

About the Founders


B.Pharm (Monash) and M.Bus (Monash)

With over 10 years’ experience as a pharmacist, Nam sees the effects of trying to fix health problems, rather than trying to prevent them.

From high blood pressure to cholesterol, it seems as though we are all after a reactive solution to cure ultimately the same thing - living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Nam’s philosophy?

He believes we all have the opportunity, every day, to take control of our own wellbeing - whether that’s making healthier food choices, or leading an active lifestyle. And those choices also extend into the moments when we choose to indulge ourselves. Why treat your present self to something you’ll regret in the future, when you can enjoy healthy, happy moments that keep everyone happy?

Nam believes this largely comes down to education, which is difficult to source in a health industry becoming more and more flooded by the latest fads, confusing terminology, and unfounded marketing ploys. That’s why he chose to turn his focus towards health foods. Armed with the understanding that ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to mean boring or overcomplicated, he has identified a gap to help people proactively improve their wellbeing for the long term by keeping things simple.

To Nam, a nutritious, delicious treat can act as the ultimate fusion between enjoying the little indulgences in life, and maintaining a positive path towards a healthier, happier lifestyle. By creating unique Asian recipes that bring fun and flavour into the daily rituals of the health conscious, he’s committed to helping people sustain positive choices that will reap a lifetime of benefits.



B.Marketing & B.Management (Monash)

Over the last 6 years working in FMCG, specifically within the beauty industry, Leeven has experienced a shift in the rapidly growing “naturals”, “Aus Made”, “Good for the environment”, “paraben free” markets. Today’s consumers’ have a much stronger preference for products with regional prevenance and simpler ingredients. The focus is changing towards putting consumers health and well being as the number priority.

People are starting to realise that looking good on the outside starts with feeling good on the inside. Because, unlike everything in the world of fast-fashion, you can’t just replace your health.  

Leeven saw that people are looking for ways to be more conscious about their well-being in everything they do. Is it about deprivation? No. Is it about spending hours a day in the gym?

Nope. It’s about a commitment, a long-term investment, in creating a lifestyle that allows you to be your happiest, healthiest self. As part of a sustainable lifestyle, we all need to have our little indulgences, and Leeven saw the chance to educate people on the nutritious alternatives we can all infuse into our daily rituals.

Leeven believes that Daily Dose Co. has the opportunity to simplify the lifestyle balance we’re all searching for, or by offering an alternative product that proves treating yourself can be a nutritious part of everyday life - and doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health.